Thumbs Up 2011 - Hitchhiking Race

Participants of the Thumbs Up Hitchhiking Race 2011 managed to collect 553,81 Lt for Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas. The bad weather conditions probably did not help people to come, and out of the 32 registered ones, only 6 came. Congratulations to them for facing cold heavy rain during almost the whole week-end, and managing most of the tasks.


Here is the podium of this first edition :

  1. Gold medal : Sabrina Buhn (Germany) and Robertas Žvirblis (Lithuania)
  2. Silver medal : Florence Guiral (France) and Fela Winkelmolen (Netherlands)
  3. Bronze medal : Eve Champavier (France) and Eglė Slezaite (Lithuania)


Be aware that there will most likely be a second edition of the Thumbs Up Hitchhiking Race. A collaboration with organisers of another major european hitchhiking race is possible. The 2012 edition would cross the borders of Lithuania to go to Latvia and Estonia. And this race around the Baltic countries would last for much longer than 3 days...


More informations to come about it...


Labas, Hi everyone!

Welcome to "Thumbs up!" This event is a hitchhiking race, whose purpose will be to promote sustainable travelling, to support an environmental cause, and at the same time, to have lots of fun.
The association we will support, for this first and hopefully not last edition of this Thumbs Up Hitchhiking Race, is Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas (Lithuanian Fund for Nature). We're supporting two of their ongoing projects :
1. Help to achieve coexistence between farmers and wolves (see attached file down below) 
2. Editing a seafood guide for a sustainable use of ressources (see attached file down below)

The race will last for three days, starting from Vilnius on friday the 19th of August, and ending in Kernave on sunday the 21st. Like a huge come back in history, going from the... current capital city to the... very first historical capital city of Lithuania. The meeting point on Friday will be in the park located near Cathedral Square, not far from the statue of Gediminas.

The participants will all hitch in teams of two people, one person from overseas with one person from Lithuania (if numbers are matching of course). To build the teams, a last-minute draw will be organised right before the departure on friday the 19th. So all participants are expected to come at the very least one hour before the official start, so at 10am MAX. (best between 9am and 9.30am). All teams will have to respect some stopovers all along the way, eventually providing the evidence of their stopovers with photos taken with either a mobile phone or a digital camera.

We will have a "honesty box", in which all participants will be invited to put as much money as they can. Our suggestion would be to give around 100 Litai. That's what we, organisers, will give, plus one Litas (at least). If you don't collect that much money from friends, family, or other people, you can still be part of the Race. But if you collect that much, or more, then of course it's even better! ;-) Just be aware that 100% of this money will be given to Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas (Lithuanian Fund for Nature).

There is absolutely no limit in terms of number of participants. So please join in, we'll have heaps of fun all together!

Friday the 19th of August, 9.30am, Vilnius, Cathedral Square.
So book your week-end, get this day off on friday the 19th, and join us! Plenty of fun and surprises are awaiting you... :-)
If you're sure to attend, please register on Facebook, on this website, or send us directly an email at :

The "Thumbs up!" team Sabrina and Edouard
Help to achieve coexistence between farmers and wolves
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Seafood Guide
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